Travelin’ Man


Amsterdam, Netherlands

So it has begun.

As I zipped across the Spanish countryside the other day at 300 km/h on a Barcelona-bound train (one which came with a lovely reservation fee after I slept through my scheduled train’s departure from Madrid), my sangria-induced hangover started to fade– due in part to the awe-inspiring views of the country as well as my overall excitement at the thought of eating more tapas. Tomorrow, I begin my “tour” of France, and soon enough, you will be able to take a “tour” of sorts as well.

Starting in February, the blog will be frequently updated with new content relative to the cities I have been visiting. Each week, a different city will be highlighted, featuring the culture, the sights, the food, the drink, the nightlife, the day life, and much more.

First up: Madrid, Spain (spoiler alert: it’s awesome)


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