Bottoms Up, Bruges

de garre

In between Burg and Markt Squares is a narrow alleyway (the smallest street in Bruges), otherwise known as De Garre. In this alleyway, you will find a local bar, also known as De Garre. The house beer: De Garre.

de garre

Once inside, you’d be lucky to find a seat, no matter the time of day. This spot is popular, to say the least. But once you do get a seat, you will find out why. The house special, the De Garre Tripel, is one hell of a beer. So much so, in fact, that you are only allowed to have three!

de garre

When you walk in, everyone inside will be laughing and chatting with grins on their faces. This is likely due to the fact that the heavy house beer has a whopping 12% alcohol! (Hence only being allowed to order three). Each beer is served with a small bowl of delicious cheese, and both are delicious, making this bar an absolute must-visit place in Bruges and just one of many spots to try some fine Belgian beer.

de garre


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