Point of Interest: Vieux-Port de Marseille


Marseille’s Old Port (Vieux-Port in French) is– well, old. How old? Located right in the heart of Marseille’s old town, this port has been active since the 6th century B.C. Today, it remains as one of the central gathering spots in Marseille, featuring a wealth of restaurants, cafes, and terraces all along the port.


Vieux-Port view

The Vieux-Port, as seen from Notre-Dame de la Garde

Aside from being a place for docked boats, the port’s main attraction today is its abundance of restaurants and cafes. This is a popular tourist area, but also a popular gathering area for Marseillais. Any given day, loads of locals can be seen eating, drinking, smoking, and chatting away at the various cafe terraces, in typical French fashion.

Vieux-Port terracesfood


Even in France, I'm an Amsterdammer at heart

Of course, this isn’t the only place to eat in Marseille. Being a city of significant maritime activity, Marseille is a great place to grab fresh seafood, which is often sold in stands throughout busy streets.

marseille seafoodmarseille seafood

The surrounding areas near Vieux-Port also make for great sightseeing, featuring quiet, narrow, explorable old streets and a number of historical forts and buildings, old opera theaters, typical French shops, and other popular areas. On that note, Vieux-Port and Old Marseille are the quintessential spots to get the authentic Marseille experience.

old town marseille

sweet shopfrench flag


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