City of the Week: Paris, France

Paris, France

It’s a big one this week, folks. This time, the spotlight is on the City of Light: Paris. Is there a person on this planet who doesn’t know about this place? The massive French capital has a rich history and a richer culture. It’s a city of business and a city of art, and it has always been (and will continue to be) a city of vast enlightenment. Iconic landmarks and buildings are more than plentiful, and there is always something around that will catch your eye, whether it’s a lovely park, a quiet street, a massive cathedral, a bustling avenue, or a lively square. Beautiful is an understatement. And the delicious cafés and boulangeries are just icing on the cake (albeit a giant, sensational, mouthwatering cake to begin with). The city is expensive as hell, but it has every right to be. Simply put, Paris is an amazing place.


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